November 27 --- December  10 / 2018


A river festival for everyone, throughout the event the Asahan valley will be alive with internationally recognized swift water rescue training, whitewater rafting, yoga, live music and one of the toughest whitewater kayaking competitions in the world. The 2018 Asahan River festival is not just for whitewater kayakers, anyone with a keen sense of adventure and love of the river is encouraged to join.


Between December 7 - 8 the Asahan will see daily individual whitewater kayaking events with cash prizes for the place getting athletes.



- Qualification race 2 runs class IV (time combined)



- Quarter finals (class V) top 50

- Semifinals (class V) top 25


- Finals (class V) top 10


AWP - Kayak Standard rules

The kayaks need to fulfill the following standard to take part at the races:



- made of PE plastic

- boats with a maximum length of 275 cm (9 feet)

- with a minimum weight of 18kg (complete)

- a large cockpit that the paddler can escape from easily

- with high volume ends that encourage the boat to resurface quickly

- with similar volume in both the front and rear of the boat

- must be fitted with a full plate footrest or similar (Yakima type touring footrests are not permitted. Solid foam foot plates are allowed)

- with a minimum of two attachment points in the front (in front of the paddler) and a minimum of two attachment points at the rear (behind the paddler), or alternatively one attachment point in the front and three attachment points in the back, that are strong enough to rescue a pinned kayak (at least 500 kg)

- with no constructional changes, apart from those offered and sold by the manufacturer and provided that these changes do not impact the safety standards. Handles, full plate footrests and pillars must not be removed!

-with no constructional damage, in particularly cracks in the shell of the boat


Safety:  The Asahan is a continuous, difficult river. Competitors must be class 4  - 5 kayakers to compete. All competitors will be assessed in the training days prior to the event regarding their level of competency, competitors qualification to compete in a race/races is at the organisers discretion. The Asahan has limited eddies and even with a solid safety team unskilled paddlers put not only their own lives but also event safety teams' lives at risk.

Rescue qualifications, a bomb proof roll and complete competency on class 4 + whitewater is a must if you plan to compete in this event.


- 7 -


- Qualification race 2 runs class IV (time combined)

7th December


- 8 -


- Quarter finals (class V) top 50


- Semifinals (class V) top 25


- Finals (class V) top 10

8th December


From the 26th of November to the 11th of December the Asahan Valley and near by Mt Toba will be alive with activities.





Rescue 3, W.R.T. (whitewater rescue technician) pro Certification.  Is an internationally recognised rescue certification that is written for professional boaters, by professional boaters. It is a fast-paced, scenario bases course designed to develop the ability to choose good actions when a river rescue is necessary. This course is for river guides and professional kayakers who spend a good portion of their lives on the river in a professional capacity, and therefore have a solid base of boating and rescue skills already. This intensive and comprehensive course takes professional certification to a whole new level.

28th, 29th and 30th of November 2018


The Asahan adventure lodge with riverside Yoga platform will see daily Yoga Classes from international Yoga Instructors joining this years festival



28th November  -9th December

The Asahan River is arguably one of the premier rafting locations in the world. With the river alive with paddlers there is no better opportunity to get wet on the Asahan.


 Trips Departing daily: 1-5th December

The Asahan Valley is full of secrete waterfalls, cliff jumping and hiking trails that have not seen international eye's nor feet. Our local guides to can take to you the quite corners of Asia's wild frontier

Trips Departing daily: 1-5th December




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